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Kaua'i Island Utility Cooperative is warning about the public about door-to-door solar salespeople identifying themselves as KIUC employees or contractors.

KIUC has received more than a dozen calls and complaints from members saying that solar salespeople are telling them they work for KIUC and are helping members lower their electric bills by installing rooftop solar.

KIUC says employees of more than one company are involved. This is the second time in the past six months that KIUC has alerted members about salespeople stating or implying that they work for the co-op.

KIUC says it does not sell rooftop solar systems and does not employ anyone selling the systems. KIUC also does not endorse or recommend particular solar installers.

"If salespeople have to use the KIUC name to get in the front door, then they need to work on a new sales pitch," said Jim Kelly, manager of member services and communications for KIUC.  "They don’t work for KIUC. They don’t work with KIUC. If they’re representing legitimate solar contractors then they should stand on their own and not suggest that the co-op is endorsing their product."

KIUC says with electric rates at their lowest level in years, it’s even more important for members to analyze the cost of rooftop solar and determine whether it's worth the cost. Leases and no-money-down contracts can lock homeowners into making payments for years, sometimes for more than the
average monthly electric bill without solar.  KIUC can help provide information about your home’s energy use to help you decide if solar
makes sense for you.

If you have questions about solar or are approached by someone saying they are from KIUC, please call 246-4300. All KIUC employees carry identification and will provide it upon request.


Source: KITV News

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