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Solar Panels
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The BenQ PM250, 260 watt panels are manufactured under BenQ's strict quality control standards. BenQ GreenTriplex is designed for 25 years of efficient production. BenQ Solar systems can be installed on rooftops for electrical power generation for both residential and commercial power generation. Solar panels installed on rooftops can also reduce the amount of sunlight directed onto a building, thereby reducing temperatures inside and usage rates of air conditioning equipment. There is a multi-fold benefit in energy consumption whereby more solar systems reduce the carbon footprint at higher rates.

BP Solar 230 Watt 29.2 Volt BP Solar has been manufacturing solar wafers, cells and modules for more than 35 years. This experience shows that the best way to optimize module life and electrical energy production is to attend to every detail in the design and manufacture of our products, our process controls and testing methods. BP Solar’s latest generation of 60 cell, Polycrystalline T Series solar modules offers a range of benefits.

The Conergy PE 240P – 260P solar modules offer a high level of module output at an attractive price/performance ratio. They are equipped with efficient cells and have proven their worth in practical applications over the years. They are characterised by high yields and a long service life.Their production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and meets the high quality standards of Conergy. Solar modules in the Conergy P-series are also available with monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells in other power classes and different module dimensions.

The Conergy PM 225P–245P solar modules offer a high level of module output at an attractive price/performance ratio. The modules are equipped with 60 efficient, polycrystalline cells, come with a positive only power tolerance, and are characterized by high yields and a long service life. As with all Conergy modules, the Conergy PM is built to our exacting quality assurance and control standards. Thanks to their performance, high quality of manufacture, value, and familiar form factor, the Conergy PM is perfect for nearly any application.

The Hyundai MG series comes in the 228-250 Watts Power Rating and come in both multi and monocrystalline versions. These Solar Panels have 60 Solar Cells and use 6 inch mono and multi cells. The Efficiency of these Solar Panels varies from 14-15.5%. AusEnergy’s website describes Hyundai’s solar panels as ‘superbly manufactured’. The company’s products are certified to IEC, ISO (9001 and 14001) and UL standards with a class C fire rating. They are also certified for sea salt and ammonia corrosion.

Mitsubishi PV-MLU255HC 255 Watt Extreme Performance Monocrystalline solar panels. Mitsubishi's new, superior, half cut Monocrystalline cell design, reduces loss and allows for one of the industry's highest front contact module efficiency ratings.

The Samsung LPC247SM is a Samsung Electronics' made 247 watt solar panel with IP65 junction box. The Samsung 247 watt LPC247SM solar panel is made with mono-crystalline silicon and constructed with an anodized aluminum frame.    

The Sunmodule SW 255 solar panels herald an innovative new module concept. The Plus-sort and five watt model stepping ensures true, highest system efficiency and dispenses with the time-consuming task of sorting the modules on site. The fully automated production process at the SolarWorld factories creates a module quality that is consistently high, which in turn will ensure high yields for the long term.

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